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Lexden Lodge - Testimonials

  “Always greeted by enthusiastic welcomes, the Nursery Nurses involved ensure continuality from home to nursery for my daughter when potty training. Ellie is always happy when Picked up and talks about the next time she is going to nursery. Nursery Nurses seem genuinely interested in Ellie and supporting us in her care as much as they can. Confident when I leave her she will be cared for by kind professionals in a safe, stimulating environment.”
Caroline Dawson [Ellie]

  “Lexden Lodge is an excellent Nursery in our opinion. All the Staff put in 100%. They are so supportive and informative. They take the time to listen and put your fears at ease, keep you updated by individual learning journeys and letters home. Everybody goes above and beyond. Since my daughter joined Lexden Lodge I can’t recognise her, she is confident, developed and progressed so much I cannot believe the bond. Hope loves Nursery.”
Angela Rice [Hope]

  “Fantastic nursery, lovely environment for my son to be in, brilliant Nursery nurses, and a very helpful and friendly management team. The food provided here is top notch, extremely healthy, and my son always eats it all. What more can I say, must be lovely”
Nicola Martell Smith [ Myles]

  “Caring staff, safe and friendly environment, variety of activities, excellent facilities, healthy home – cooked meals. Staff are always friendly and appear to genuinely enjoy their work”
Mr and Mrs Devine [Hannah and Melissa]

  “My children are always welcomed with love and affection by Nursery staff in the morning, and we get a detailed report of their physical and emotional well being throughout the day at the end of the day. My children have always had fun and taken part in stimulating activities. The food provided is home cooked and my children always eat everything”
Sara Fox de Garcia [Abigail]

  “The staff at Lexden Lodge are very committed and caring. They continue to strive to do their best for our son and all the children who attend. Jack is progressing well both socially and educationally and is absolutely loves attending.”
Kylee Harrison [Jack]

  “Oscar is happy to go to Nursery and undertakes a variety of experiences. Always pleased to see me, but tired which proves he has had an exciting day. Staff are always helpful and approachable at anytime. If there are dealt with by the end of the day”
Kay Parker [Oscar]

  “There is not one thing I can fault with this Nursery. The food is cooked fresh, the nursery is spotless and has a welcoming environment. The staff are friendly and fully support the parents as well as the children and are very approachable. Just wish they were connected to a school so Niamh had the best chance in life.
Louise Collopy [Niamh]


We have been thoroughly happy with every aspect of the nursery since Olivia started in September 2010. Attention to detail is second to none, and the greeting that parents and children receive from all staff is fantastic. I would not want Olivia to attend any other nursery.
Tamar Priestland [Olivia]



We have used Lexden Lodge as a nursery for 7 years now with our oldest daughter too,( aged 7 now) and it has always been outstanding. Emilia loves her time at nursery and is always involved in many interesting activities, i.e. planting seeds/bulbs plus gardening, and enjoys being able to play outside as often as possible.
Andrea Bilton [Emilia]


  Staff are very friendly and supportive; high standard of teaching; very flexible to fit in child if possible, if not a normal set day. Extremely clean and tidy; My child is very, very happy and would always consider nursery for any future children and recommend to others.
Dawn Howlett [Evelyn]

  There is a welcoming, friendly atmosphere towards parents and especially children, by all members of staff ranging from Chefs to Management. The staff respond positively to both positive and negative feedback, ensuring all parents have confidence in the nursery, and the care they deliver to the children. Great activities for children in a daily basis, lots of fresh air in the garden, but most of all fun!
Hayley Langmead [Fleur]

  Rebecca has been at Lexden Lodge for nearly 3 years. During that time she has developed exceptionally well, both socially and academically. All staff have supported Rebecca and have made a big difference in her life. I have highly recommended Lexden Lodge to friends.
Mr and Mrs Jenkinson [Rebecca]

  The nursery provides excellent care for the children. As a parent you really feel part of a nice little community where from the office staff to nursery room staff, you know everyone. The nursery is very welcoming and feels like home while being professional. Lexden Lodge is great at being flexible when your child’s attendance needs changing. I’ve recommended Lexden Lodge to another parent, and their child is very happy there.
Fiona Staunton [Evie]

  Lexden Lodge is a child centred, homely and welcoming nursery where parents and children are made to feel part of the extended family. Fabulous freshly cooked food, loving attentive carers and a beautiful stimulating environment all contribute to it being a wonderful home from home where children are valued, stimulated and nurtured.
Rachael Jennings [Jessie]

  Lexden Lodge deserves Nursery of the Years 2012 because it simply is the best, and that is why I chose it as the nursery for my son to attend. All staff from cooks to management are warm and welcoming, the level of care is outstanding. We have been there three years now. They have been very supportive to my family whilst waiting for a final diagnosis of Epilepsy for our son in the pat year.
Clare Mann [Joshus]


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