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 How experienced are your members of staff?

Our staff offer a wealth of experience within childcare, and have qualifications that reflect their dedication and commitment. Typically our Senior Nursery nurses hold a level 4 qualification, while Nursery Nurses hold a level 3. Many staff members have previously worked within a nursery environment for a number of years; several for up to 8, one for 11, another for 16, and a third has over 20 years experience, in childcare. Looking at longevity shown over past employment we see no reason to anticipate this will change.
 Is there any discount for siblings?

Yes, there is a discount of 5% which is given to the older child, when the younger one attends as well. Twins or multiple births attract a similar concession, applicable to one of the children
 Are there any other discounts available?

If your child is here full time, and you will not need them to attend at all in the month of August, we will give you 50% off for that entire month, once they have been attending for a year
 What happens if my child is ill and misses Kindergarten?

All missed sessions are payable even through illness, but certain exceptional circumstances may be taken into consideration at the manager’s discretion.
 How do we start our child with your Kindergarten?

As soon as we receive the registration form indicating the start date we are able to proceed with organising trials. There is no charge for these; the whole emphasis is on a smooth transition, so your child quickly settles at Kindergarten. Firstly we invite you to come with your child for a visit for an hour. You will be able to meet your Key worker and together discuss a settling in plan; the information will help us to make their visits a very positive experience for your child.

Next we organise a series of trials where you will leave your child for a pre-determined length of time. These will gradually increase in time to reflect the sessions you have booked, offering opportunities for your child to familiarise themselves with our staff and kindergarten. As each child’s needs are individual, the amount of trials can be very flexible; your child will indicate the time needed to settle.
 Will my invoice be calculated on an annual or monthly basis?

The invoice will generally be calculated on an annual rate, however if there is a change to the booking pattern, or price band (when your child reaches three), in the middle of the month then the invoice will be calculated on a monthly basis.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help.


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