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2-3 Year Olds
At Lexden Lodge we know that this is the age when children begin to shine.

We believe that play has an important role in your child’s development; thoughtfully planned play and open ended activities can expand each child’s knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world around them.

The Early Years Foundation Stage documentation supports effective and progressive learning through play. Encouraged by our experienced staff, your child will be able to experience a variety of materials, equipment and activities such as sand and water, foam, building blocks, puzzles, and small world toys including train sets. Of course, we also offer messy play that includes painting, drawing, printing, sticking, and gloop and play dough.

Books, suitable for all ages, are readily available and will support your child’s learning throughout. We make sure that children’s enjoying the process of learning is more important than the final result: each child is an individual and learning will progress at their own pace. Experiencing successful exploration is key at this age.

Each child is assigned a key-person upon joining our nursery. These members of staff carefully observe, record, and assess children’s learning in all areas of development. Our records are always fully available to parents for regular discussion with their child’s key-person.

Good communication between parents and Key persons is paramount for all of our children; sharing information means we can fully provide what a child needs. We actively follow individually agreed care routines preferred by parents of each child, allowing a gentle transition into or through the nursery, making it easier for each child to remain settled and happy.

At Lexden Lodge children can enjoy home-cooked food supplied by the nursery, if meals are included in your booking. We work with our parents to cater for any allergies and dietary conditions; further information on menus can be found later in this prospectus.


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